New People Editorial Collective

The NewPeople newspaper is a monthly publication sponsored by the Thomas Merton Center. It focuses primarily on issues relating to environmental justice, economic justice, anti-war, and prisoner’s rights. Our readership includes 3,500 justice oriented individuals in the Pittsburgh area.

The Thomas Merton Center (TMC) began in a storefront office on the Southside in 1972 to protest the continuation of the war in Vietnam. Since then, our members have focused on pertinent issues that promote peace and justice for all. The NewPeople is a product of self-publishing activists that led to the development of the TMC as we know it today.

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In order to become a regular recipient of the paper, visit the TMC website (thomasmertoncenter.org) or call the center at (412) 361-3022. For an annual fee, you can become a part of one of Pittsburgh’s leading social justice activist organizations.


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